This could be a useful book for boomers caring for elderly parents who are stroke patients and dealing with upper limb spasticity

The Fonz! Caregiver for His Senior Mom When She Was a Stroke Patient!

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More pretty smelling pink roses from my easy to use digital camera to encourage those of us caring for elderly parents - including those who might be stroke patients

Remember last Pink Saturday's AARP video discussing how to prevent becoming a stroke patient? While I was at their site, I spotted one other very interesting video that made this baby boomer do a double-take – The Fonz!

This could be a useful book for boomers caring for elderly parents who are stroke patients and dealing with upper limb spasticityHenry Winkler's senior mom became a stroke patient in 1989 and later died in 1997. One of the issues she deal with was upper limb spasticity.  He explained, "Her arm became tight, involuntarily stuck close to her body, which severely limited her ability to get around on her own. Soon her upper limb spasticity became so problematic that my sister and I, as well as her other caregivers, had to help her with the simplest of tasks – tying her shoes, helping her get dressed and eating"

As a result of what his senior mom went through, he chose to become a spokesperson for the Open Arms Campaign whose goal is "Raising Awareness for Upper Limb Spasticity," and sharing different options that can help stroke patients dealing with this, including the use of Botox. 

Very useful information for those of us caring for elderly parents who are stroke patients and are also dealing with upper limb spasticity! Not to mention some fun Fonz info. Did you already know he was a children's book author! I didn't. 🙂  To learn more about this campaign, so dear to the heart of fellow senior and caregiver Henry Winkler, and their suggestions, just click here. And, happy Pink Saturday

The Comfort of Home - A complete guide for caregivers caring for elderly parents during stroke recoveryP.S. Stronger After StrokeStroke and the Family and The Comfort of Home for Stroke (a guide for family caregivers of stroke patients) all discuss limb spasticity. 🙂

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  1. Thank you for this reminder of a great cause. Many cases similar to this.

  2. Hi LV, wasn’t that interesting. I had never heard of that specific difficulty a stroke patient can experience! And what a blessing that they are finding some helps for them. Have a blessed day. 🙂

  3. Good info..thanks for sharing~

  4. Very welcome 🙂

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