The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves the bright and sunny yellow sunflower and the fun of taking lots of photos of them with my easy to use digital camera

The Boomer and Senior Gardening Update: Grandkids Sunflower House in The Midst of the Weird Weather!

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Senior gardening is great for physical activities for senior citizens“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.” I had to chuckle at this quote by Albert Einstein.  With all the weird weather we've been having this summer, including 30+ degree changes in a day or two, record-setting heat, flooding, and more, my senior mom, my grandkids, and the sunflower house would beg to differ. At this moment in time, our boomer-senior gardening project has everything from this gorgeous sunflower…

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves the bright and sunny yellow sunflower and the fun of taking lots of photos of them with my easy to use digital camera

to this "dead and ready for fall six weeks early" sunflower…

This sunflower is already done for the season - but the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and her senior mom will use them to feed the birds and protect their gardening projects

to this "I never made it – the bugs got me – aaaaahhhhh" sunflower…

Sunflower houses may not be working well in our senior gardening projects but it's still a fun educational activity for grandparents and grandchildren

(Here's one of the culprits!)

One of the sunflower house 2011 bad guys I captured with my easy to use digital camera!

to this "delightfully uncurling" sunflower...

This sunflower is slowly unfurling - just as so many of our grandkids are in their spiritual lives - which is why I love sharing encouraging Bible memory verses with them

and this "almost there – I think I can, I think I can" sunflower…

The Sunflower House is not doing great this year but the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids are still enjoying some fun with the boomer senior gardening project

Ahhhhh – here's a grandma and grandchild sunflower (ok – I know that's a mighty young grandma – but trust me, chasing after grandkids all day CAN keep you feeling much younger – some days 🙂 ). By the by, I love the easy to use tools at that allowed me to adjust the colors a bit and I love my equally easy to use digital camera that lets me get these fun shots. 🙂 

my senior mom and her gardening projects are wilting with the weather but there are a couple of great sunflowers for the sunflower house - both baby and big ones - like grandchild and grandmother

See – a brand new baby sunflower – our Sunflower Houses garden really DOES have everything happening at once this year. 🙂 

There is some hope for more sunflowers but the sunflower house is not going to be four sided this year - but thats ok - theres always next year - Lord willing

It's definitely not been as good a year for Sunflower Houses as last year's Sunflower house project. But there are plenty of sweet flowers to delight grandparents and grandchildren alike around here. And since my senior mom's hip arthritis has been acting up and we've had to cut back a bit on our boomer-senior gardening projects, that actually works out well for her. She's getting to enjoy flowers and not having to worry about doing much with them. More of our Sandwich Generation boomer-senior gardening updates coming up. 🙂 

Sunflower Houses - full of delightful senior and kid gardening info and activities for grandparents and their grandchildrenP.S. Did you want to try the Sunflower House project with your own grandkids? Check out Sunflower Houses by Sharon Lovejoy, not to mention her other great books for grandparents – Toad Cottages and Shooting Stars – Grandma's Bag of Tricks and Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots – Gardening Together with Children (and grandchildren 🙂 ). They are a wonderful addition to any granny or pappy nanny library. 🙂 

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