Roseville REALTOR Kaye Swain shares encouraging Bible Verses

Thanksgiving Joys for Eldercare Givers and Grandparents

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Grandkid Joys!

Roseville Real Estate Agent Kaye Swain shares grandkid joysI just returned from a fun visit with half my long distance grandkids. We played chess. We played checkers. We played Trouble. We played Gin Rummy. We played hide n seek. We made scrambled eggs. We had such a lovely time. We won’t mention how MANY games I lost – we’ll simply say I managed to win at least 1-2 from each grandkid….and that’s it! YIKES they are good at games nowadays!

We had fun with our long-standing tradition of filling Samaritan’s Boxes to share Christmas joys with children in other countries through Operation Christmas Child. This year, we included smaller LEGO sets in the boxes and I thoroughly enjoyed taking photos of the kids prepping them. We had to take them out of their original boxes so we could get more goodies in the shoeboxes! ūüôā

We even got to decorate the Christmas tree early again this year. Such¬†joys with the grandkids and such sweet memories AND photos to share back home. I love getting to stretch¬†out the holiday season this way! What’s a fave holiday tradition for you and your grandkids?

Elderly Parent Joys

Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR shares elderly parents senior flipper TV remote

My senior mom is having a harder time with the TV and remote when I’m gone. We have a great service with SOOOOO many options – way more than any of us ever use. And all those choices can be a problem for her if she punches the wrong button.

I finally got out a TV remote for seniors that I bought a while back that didn’t work quite the way I wanted. It still doesn’t. It’s not perfect. (I’m test-driving another this week – so if it’s good, I’ll share it later). This one SHOULD be able to turn the TV on and off, adjust the volume, AND change the channels. For some reason, I can only do the TV or the Cable box. So the cable box wins. I can turn the TV on for her – or we could leave it on all day if need be. But now, she can use this simple clicker to go up and down the channels without having to punch in numbers. And she can’t get lost in a menu she doesn’t understand. So far, it seems to be working well for her so that makes me happy. How about you and your elderly¬†parents? Have you found a great remote? We’d love to hear about it.

Encouraging Joys

It’s been a tough month for our nation in a variety of ways. Through it all, I’ve clung to verses like this one. Sweet joys indeed!

Roseville REALTOR Kaye Swain shares encouraging Bible Verses

November Joys

Kaye Swain Roseville Real Estate Agent sharing Thanksgiving turkey pumpkin joys

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner? Don’t forget to place¬†your Thanksgiving orders SOON! Thanks to my local grocery store, my fresh turkey will be arriving the Tuesday before the big day.¬†(For that matter, did you know you can now order turkey at Amazon! WOW! ūüôā ) Have a great week and maybe think of some extra Vitamin C – there are lots of virus and flu bugs flying around. So smile lots, hug your senior parents much, stay healthy, and have fun with grandkids near and far.

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