TECH INFO: Junk Email Can Be Spoofing

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When you receive a junk email, many of you probably do what I do. Select the email, select THIS IS JUNK EMAIL, and click. In the future, when that particular email address sends me more junk mail, it goes straight into my JUNK email folder. I check that daily, but am able to skim over most of it.

Be careful though!  This past week, I’ve received several  junk emails that look like they were sent by ME to ME! How in the world could that happen? Sadly, it’s easy. It’s called Spoofing. The frustrating part is that if you click on the THIS IS JUNK EMAIL button, your own email will now be considered junk! That’s not a tremendously huge thing. But if you do occasionally send yourself reminders with your own email, it will probably land in the Junk file which you may find irritating. I know I do. If you’re already done that, you’ll need to go into your Junk email options, find where they store all the BLOCKED SENDERS, and look for your own email. If/when you find it there, select it and remove it from that list.

Make sure you don’t click on any part of the questionable email. And don’t select UNSUBSCRIBE unless you are sure you subscribed in the first place. Clicking UNSUBSCRIBE on a spoofing email can lead to more junk emails and even worse.

I am working with my internet provider to figure out how to configure my junk email controls to weed these spoofing emails out without losing real email. Each system is different so you would need to contact your own email provider if the problem starts happening to you.

The internet reminds me of the Wild West sometimes with plenty of bad guys. But even with all the headaches and hassles, it’s so well worth it. We just have to stay watchful, aware, and proactive.

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