Tasty Bran Tips for Senior Home Care Givers

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As a senior home care giver, I’m always trying to balance eating healthier with eating on the run. Studies have repeatedly shown the health benefits of oat bran in our diet. Full of B vitamins and great for cholesterol, bran is beautiful. Getting enough of it, though, can sometimes be difficult.

One easy way I’ve found to add oat bran to my diet includes mixing some with a container of Yoplait cherry yogurt (my favorite 🙂 ).  It gives it a nice, nutty texture and is quite tasty.

A new idea I just came up with uses one of those yummy Betty Crocker Warm Delights chocolate cakes or brownies. Those are the ones that make an individual serving in the microwave in less than a minute. I mix about 1/3 cup of bran with the dry mix, stir it well, add the water and include about 1/2 tablespoon extra (experiment to your taste), and carefully stir well. Bake for the normal time (I always use the longer time indicated on the directions but, of course, each microwave can vary.) When the timer dings, out pops a yummy dessert that is now healthified with oat bran just for you.

Another way this could be a help is if you have an aging parent with extreme constipation, whose doctor has suggested adding wheat bran to his diet. I had a neighbor who went through that. Even though the doctor had recommended it, he didn’t like the wheat bran in his cereal and wouldn’t try it. I wish I could go back and try this chocolate dessert with wheat bran for him. I bet he would have liked that!

I’m all for eating healthy but when I can make healthy be a bit yummier, for myself or a senior parent (or neighbor 🙂  ), I’m a very happy camper! How about you?

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