words of encouragement

God gave us Isaiah 408 to encourage us to stand firm on His Word

Encourage Each Other With This Word

Words to encourage Sandwich Generation senior home care givers & grandparents that, even in the midst of uncertainty and crisis, God and His Word stand forever.

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Words of Encouragement From 1 Corinthians 13

Reading the inspirational Bible verses in 1 Corinthians 13 regularly is a great prescription for Sandwich Generation senior home care givers and grandparents

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Encourage your grandchildren through your reflections

Reflections to Encourage

Titus speaks words of encouragement for Sandwich Generation grandparents on Word-Filled Wednesday.

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snow painting activities grandparents grandchildren

Sandwich Generation Tips From Alzheimer’s Disease Perspective to Snow Painting and More

Twitter has great resources for the Sandwich Generation, including info about Alzheimer’s Disease, Cissy King, Advance Directives for senior home care givers…

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Words of Encouragement from Isaiah 55

Snowy Words to Encourage The Sandwich Generation

Isaiah 55:10-11 are two inspirational Bible verses that truly encourage the Sandwich Generation. Enjoy this Word-Filled Wednesday photo…

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Twitter Resources for the Sandwich Generation: Elderly Romance, LED Traffic Lights…

Twitter resources include: Alzheimer’s Disease, Words of Encouragement, homeschooling programs, driving safety for elderly parents, LED traffic light problems.

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Christmas Greetings From SandwichINK

A Smilebox praise and worship Christmas greeting for the Sandwich Generation along with a big thank you to our military and their families.

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Christmas Eve Praise and Worship and Joy!

A Smilebox for the Sandwich Generation, with a delightful version of Silent Night by Matt Maher to encourage you and lift your spirits.

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Teach and Encourage Each Generation

Word of Encouragement for each generation.

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Words of Encouragement for the Fourth Week of Advent

Jesus’ sacrifice for us sets an example for us to follow in our own lives of senior home care and grandparenting – To serve, encourage, and minister to others.

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