total hip replacement surgery and recovery

women water walking shoes look easier to wear than what i used to wear

Ways Walking Benefits Seniors: A Journey to Health and Happiness Through My Senior Mom’s Experience

Walking benefits seniors in profound and multifaceted ways.

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This Medline elevated toilet seat with handles looks great - but warn your aging parents to push up with both handles when they stand

Raised Toilet Seats Elderly Parents Appreciate!

Cute pink toilet seat tattoos are fun accessories but after total hip replacement surgery and recovery, practical raised toilet seats are more important.

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When leaving my senior relative in the hospital and heading - exhausted - to the car - my spirits perked up at these lovely flowers shot one-handed with my easy to use digital camera in the iphone

Lots of Smiles to Go Around in My Sandwich Generation Family – Thanks to My Handy Dandy and Easy To Use Digital Camera

Thanks to Picnik and my easy to use digital camera, I got some cute shots to share with my sweet senior in the hospital – smiles all around for our Sandwich Generation family!

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Medial alert devices like pendants and wristwatches at home or chair alarms in the hospital are all a big help for the Sandwich Generation

The Sandwich Generation Can Be Quite Useful at the Hospital

Tips to help those of us caring for hospitalized elderly parents with the good news that medical alert devices are just as useful in the hospital as at home.

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Many of us in the baby boomer generation are dealing with total hip replacement surgery issues for themselves or their elderly parents

The Sandwich Generation Is Looking for A Hip Replacement Surgery Video or Information

Researching anterior vs posterior in total hip replacement surgery led to an interesting video and positive news stories for boomers and seniors caregivers.

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This Elongated Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat with a Unique hinged seat for elongated toilets is very helpful for those dealing with painful arthritis in the hip.

Have You Ever Heard of Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery? It Can Be A Great Option for Boomers and Seniors!

I had never heard of the option of anterior vs posterior hip replacement surgery and recovery til this week. And I was thrilled to learn the positives of the anterior option!

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