the sunflower house

My senior mom LOVES these the best of this years gardening activities

Some of the Many Joys of Gardening Activities for All Ages – Seniors to Grandkids

Is there a good reason to encourage our senior parents, grandkids, and us in gardening activities? Absolutely-here’s a bunch, come add more.

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Fun Spring Activities for Our Sandwich Generation Family!

Spring keeps flirting with summer AND winter but my senior mom and grandkids have started their gardening activities anyway! In between iPad fun, that is!

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A cheery sight for the Sandwich Generation

Summer Flowers Coming To An End – Still Putting Smiles on My Senior Mom’s Face

Fun and physical senior citizen activities like gardening are excellent for our aging parents – great for mental AND physical healthy and well-being.

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The calm before the storm for the sunflower of the Sunflower House in my senior moms gardening activities

The Calm Before The Storm For Our Boomer-Senior Gardening Activities

My senior mom has enjoyed her gardening activities this year even tho slightly curtailed. So when we heard a doozie of a storm was headed our way…

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Wooo - is it crop circles - nope - just another fun time in the wading pool for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids

Fun Pool Times for This Sandwich Generation Family!

Looking for creative and practical ways to save money while cooling down in the summer when the grandkids come to visit? Here’s an easy one.

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My senior mom has been enjoying many gardening activities like the Sunflower House project - butterfly plant bush - and the Mr Lincoln red rose - one of the most fragrant roses around

Happy Senior Citizens Day! Fun Senior Gardening, Sunflower House, and Bird Feeding Update for the Sandwich Generation

A Happy Senior Citizens Day to Boomers and Seniors – in AND out of the Sandwich Generation – along with a fun senior gardening activities update!

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The sunflower house is gone for the year but the butterfly bush plant is still popping out occasional buds like this lovely one

Boomer and Senior Autumn Senior Gardening Fun – From Fall Mums to The Last of the Sunflower House

Autumn Flowers -Sandwich Generation smiles taken with what I consider to be the best small digital camera and edited with the cool online photo editor…

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But this lovely posy residing in one of my senior moms garden wagons helped make our gardening more joy-full

Autumn and Fall Joys Ease The Boomer Senior Gardening Woes

Autumn & fall joy for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny, senior mom, & grandkids help make up for gardening woes like the Sunflower House this year.

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves the bright and sunny yellow sunflower and the fun of taking lots of photos of them with my easy to use digital camera

The Boomer and Senior Gardening Update: Grandkids Sunflower House in The Midst of the Weird Weather!

Boomer and senior gardening projects like sunflower houses and butterfly bush plants are continuing in our Sandwich Generation household in spite of weird weather!

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Gorgeous red flowers to lift the spirits of the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and turn the thoughts of her senior mom to gardening

Spring is Playing Peek-A-Boo with the Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and Her Senior Mom’s Gardening!

Red & cheery senior gardening photos of fun & physical senior citizen activities taken by the granny nanny & my easy to use digital camera

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