the Sandwich Generation

Two huge boxes plus three excited grandchildren equals a happy Sandwich Generation granny nanny

Boxy Help For The Sandwich Generation Grandparent Who Has Lost Their Voice!

Babysitting grandchildren but not feeling well – or have no voice? What’s a Sandwich Generation grandparent to do? Boxes to the rescue!

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My whole Sandwich Generation family has enjoyed watching Scott Hamilton skate-and what a thrill to hear his words of encouragement and inspiration in this testimony

An Ice Skating Hero for My Sandwich Generation Family – Scott Hamilton

Some of my favorite family memories include time spent on the ice skating rink. My ankles always bend but I've only fallen a couple of times – always when someone else was falling whose hand I was holding and pulled me down. 🙂 My grandkids are always at least slightly impressed to see grandma skate […]

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Soccer activities for grandparents and their grandchildren - great fun for the Sandwich Generation even if mixed in with illness issues

Soccer Watching Tips for Grandparents Babysitting Grandchildren

Are you grandparents involved in soccer activities with the grandkids? Here’s some tips to help with the fun and the heat!

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Patient updates are often a fact of life for the Sandwich Generation - technology can help

Keeping Your Sandwich Generation Family and Friends Updated During Aging Parents Hospitalizations

Caring for aging parents in the hospital for a prolonged illness and trying to figure out how to update friends and family?

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Fun crafts and encouraging Bible verses fill the VBS day for grandkids AND grandparents in AND out of the Sandwich Generation

Vacation Bible School For Grandkids AND Grandparents

Vacation Bible School is here! What fun it is for the GRANDPARENTS as well as the grandkids-a great way of leaving a sweet spiritual legacy of servanthood.

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One of several of our Sandwich Generation senior gardening casualties thanks to the activities of the squirrels and bunnies

Senior Gardening Activities and Battles in the Back Yard!

My senior mom is optimistic that her two new ideas might help with her gardening activities – marigolds and realistic inflatable snakes

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Fun Autumn Activities for grandparents and their grandchildren can include plastic balls and tag copy

Four Square Memories for Baby Boomer Grandparents – Past AND Present

Baby boomer memories of fun school days often include the ball game Four Square. My grandkids and I are having fun playing it but the game has sure changed since I was a kid…

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The Sandwich Generation issues can include forms coming from all our multigenerational age needs including HIPAA

HIPAA and Forms Giving You Grief? Three Vital Tips for the Sandwich Generation!

HIPAA – Besides being hard to spell, it can easily create headaches for the Sandwich Generation caregiver- three more tips to help…

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Old or new - my grandkids love their LEGOs - great for grandparents and grandchildren

Simple Is Sweet for The Sandwich Generation Grandparents and Grandkids

As a busy grandkid babysitter, I'm always looking for easy crafts and activities for all of us boomers and seniors grandparents to share with our grandkids. Sometimes, though, things will conspire together to thwart my grand ole plans. Like yesterday. I had prepared a fun scavenger hunt for the grandchildren (more on that to come […]

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A lovely butterfly bookmark for the grandkids to color - for the special women in our Sandwich Generation lives from SandwichINK

Cute and Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Boomers and Seniors and Our Grandchildren

Fun and easy crafts for boomers and seniors and our grandkids for Mother’s Day, as well as spring and summer – great leisure activities for our families.

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