the Sandwich Generation issues of caring for the elderly parents

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny is looking forward to going home to heaven in His perfect timing

Comforting Bible Verses and Praise Music for the Sandwich Generation – Heavenly Assurance!

Are the Sandwich Generation issues bringing you down? Comforting Bible verses and praise music from Building 429 bring uplifting assurance to all of us!

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Comforting Bible Verses for the Sandwich Generation from Psalms and Habakkuk

It’s been a month of daunting headlines, compounding many of the Sandwich Generation woes we are already juggling. Comforting Bible verses and praise songs to encourage our hearts.

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Encouraging Bible verses to remind the Sandwich Generation that we need t rest in the Lord even in the midst of traumatic issues

Bible Memory Verses Are As Important for Seniors in the Sunset of Life as for Grandkids

Comforting and encouraging Bible memory verses for the Sandwich Generation family – from elderly seniors down to young grandkids.

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Psalm 46 Offers Sweet Encouragement for the Sandwich Generation

Comforting Bible verses like Psalm 46 with beautiful old Christian hymns can be such a sweet encouragement to the Sandwich Generation in the storms of life.

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Encouraging Scripture Prayer for the Sandwich Generation - 2 Thess 2 16-17

Bible Memory Verses for Our Children and Grandkids Can Often Be Used as Scripture Prayers

Cute country clipart with encouraging and comforting Bible memory verses to encourage the Sandwich Generation and teach our grandchildren.

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Happy Fathers Day to the Sandwich Generation

Be Encouraged On This Father’s Day With Comforting Bible Verses for The Sandwich Generation

Happy Fathers Day to the Sandwich Generation with so many comforting Bible verses from Psalm 34. Thank you to all caregivers – men and women – everywhere!

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Christian words of encouragement and inspiration for all of us in the Sandwich Generation from Psalm 27 Verse 5

Do the Sandwich Generation Issues Make You Feel Like the Walls Are Closing In? Comforting Bible Verses!

When the Sandwich Generation issues get too much for me, I love to turn to a special group of comforting Bible verses for encouragement and inspiration…

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The Sunflower House took a big windstorm and came thru it fairly well

Storms A’Blowin The Grandkids Sunflower House

The Sunflower House made it through two storms so it will continue being fun for activities for grandparents and their grandchildren, full of sweet family memories!

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For I know the plans I have for you Jeremiah 29 11 crystal plaque to encourage you

Comforting Bible Verses for the Sandwich Generation: Jeremiah 29: 11 and Isaiah 42: 16

More comforting and encouraging Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation including the promises of God in the Bible that God holds the future in His hands.

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Autumn Gift To Senior Home Care Givers and Grandparents

Driving in Kentucky I was totally awed at the brilliance and magnificence of the fall foliage and vivid color of the trees! A gift from God to this grandma!

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