the Sandwich Generation issues of caring for elderly parents and grandkids

Making Autumn - Fall Thanksgiving wreaths are fun activities for the Sandwich Generation grandparents and their grandchildren full of sweet family memories

Autumn Wreaths Activities Are Easy Crafts for Seniors, Grandparents and Grandchildren

Autumn wreath making activities are easy crafts for seniors, grandparents and grandchildren! Grab your easy to use digital camera to save your family memories!

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Just as this tree will come back to life in spring - our beloveds will come to wondrous life in heaven

Comforting Bible Verses and Great Resources To Bless the Sandwich Generation Dealing with the Issues of Grief

Comforting Bible verses, encouraging praise and worship hymn songs and music, and book resources help the Sandwich Generation dealing with grief and loss!

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A metal potholder loom is more sturdy for activities for grandparents and their grandchildren

Fun Advent and Christmas Activities for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren

Fun Advent and Christmas activities for Sandwich Generation grandparents and grandchildren at my house include children’s Nativity sets & Advent Calendars…

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Salonpas is great for my senior mom after a long day of gardening activities for grandparents and their grandchildren

News for Boomers and Seniors – Safe Holiday Travel Tips and Free Blog Giveaway

Holiday news for boomers and seniors. Safe Holiday driving tips AND Salonpas’ free blog giveaway: pain relief patches & Pandigital wireless digital photo frame!

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My grandkids enjoyed swimming through all the crunchy leaves

Salonpas Wants To Help Boomers and Seniors Stay Active With Their Grandchildren!

Salonpas is sponsoring a giveaway with a focus on enjoying your family memories! Check out the wireless digital photo frame AND their great pain relief patches!

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The Sunflower House was delightful but its time to trim it down and enjoy thoughts of next year

Senior Gardening Delights – Shorter Days But My Senior Mom is Still Enjoying Fresh Vegetables and Sweet Family Memories

Sweet shots from my slim & easy to use digital camera will keep us delighting in family memories of senior gardening from November tomatos to a Sunflower House!

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Buying a Toshiba 10-inch Netbook Review

iPad vs Mini PC – Both Portable – Which of The Tiny Computers Did the Baby Boomer Granny Nanny Pick

The iPad caught my eye but this Sandwich Generation granny nanny went for a Toshiba micro mini pc netbook as a sturdy and portable laptop that pops in my purse.

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10 Holiday Travel Tips to Save The Sandwich Generation Time and Grief!

Holiday Travel for the Sandwich Generation can be more enjoyable with these 10 tips to help you plan ahead and be prepared.

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Saw this on the back of a truck - such a good reminder to all of us from senior citizens to baby boomers to young adults - please VOTE

Teaching Our Grandchildren To Vote By Our Example

Voting Day is great for educational activities for the Sandwich Generation grandparents and their grandchildren! Show them your “I Voted Sticker” and…

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Buying a Toshiba 10-inch Netbook Review

Buying a Netbook Can Be a Help for the Busy Sandwich Generation on the Run

Buying a netbook, like one of the portable and cheap Toshiba mini laptops netbooks, can be a great help for all of us busy with the Sandwich Generation issues.

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