the sandwich generation caring for elderly parents and grandkids

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Encouraging Bible Verses to Remind the Sandwich Generation to Always Be Thankful

Three inspiring and encouraging Bible verses for children and their grandparents to help the Sandwich Generation teach grandkids to be thankful always.

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Be Still and Know That I Am God print - Word of God in art for encouraging home decor

Comforting Bible Verses From Psalms Remind the Sandwich Generation to Be Still and Know That He is God

God can use comforting and encouraging Bible verses to give the Sandwich Generation big hugs as they are caring for elderly parents and grandkids.

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Uno playing cards feature large numbers and pictures just like on extra large plastic playing cards - great for aging eye changes

Large Print and Braille Playing Cards Mean Lots of Fun For all the Ages in the Sandwich Generation Family

Extra large print & braille playing cards enable the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents and grandchildren to have fun and build fun family memories.

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Knowing The Word of God helps us to know the will of God

A Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny Seeking to Replace Arguing and Complaining with Praising and Thanksgiving

The Sandwich Generation, caring for elderly parents and grandkids, can find plenty to complain about. But knowing that’s NOT the will of God for us, we can find…

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Whisper Wings Tapestry Throws with comforting Bible verses

Halloween and All Saints Eve’s Comforting Bible Verses for Boomers and Seniors

Whether you celebrate Halloween or All Saints Eve with fun activities for grandparents and their grandchildren at home or away, have a blessed night!

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Crayola washable markers and baby wipes make this project double fun for all kids - especially those with special needs

Easy Halloween Pumpkin Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Fun and easy Halloween pumpkin activities for grandparents and grandchildren to enjoy in this sweet season of Autumn.

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Jesus Christ - the river - the water of life -encouraging Bible verses and Good news for boomers and seniors and their Sandwich Generation families

How to Provide Water to Needy Countries – Without Ever Leaving Your Sandwich Generation Family

Once a year, bloggers unite to write about one topic that impacts all of us, including those of us in the Sandwich Generation! Today is Blog Action Day-WATER!

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As vital as physical water is - spiritual water - a river of the water of life - is even more vital - World Vision works to provide both kinds of water to peoples around the world

Need a Solution to Sandwich Generation Tears?

Encouraging Bible verses for Blog Action Day remind us of the Good News that Jesus is the Water of Life for the Sandwich Generation in every part of the world.

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My easy to use Canon Powershot digital camera makes it much easier for me to get good pictures because of its image stabilization

Boomers and Seniors Love the Easy To Use Canon Powershot Digital Camera with Image Stabilization! Helps With Any Shakiness!

Fancy cameras are fun but for boomers and seniors the easy to use Canon Powershot digital cameras with image stabilization may be best! Digital slr camera tutorials…

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Got Granddog? Got Two iPhone Pet Apps!

iPhone medical apps aren’t just for people! There are pet ones too! great for the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents, grandkids, and granddogs!

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