the Baby Boomer Generation

Patient updates are often a fact of life for the Sandwich Generation - technology can help

Keeping Your Sandwich Generation Family and Friends Updated During Aging Parents Hospitalizations

Caring for aging parents in the hospital for a prolonged illness and trying to figure out how to update friends and family?

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Fun crafts and encouraging Bible verses fill the VBS day for grandkids AND grandparents in AND out of the Sandwich Generation

Vacation Bible School For Grandkids AND Grandparents

Vacation Bible School is here! What fun it is for the GRANDPARENTS as well as the grandkids-a great way of leaving a sweet spiritual legacy of servanthood.

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The Sandwich Generation issues can include forms coming from all our multigenerational age needs including HIPAA

HIPAA and Forms Giving You Grief? Three Vital Tips for the Sandwich Generation!

HIPAA – Besides being hard to spell, it can easily create headaches for the Sandwich Generation caregiver- three more tips to help…

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Pink bathroom things for the Sandwich Generation

Practical Tips for Taking Care of Elderly Parents and Grandkids Along With Creative Ways to Save Money

One of my simple, practical tips for taking care of elderly parents while babysitting grandchildren, along with creative ways to save money

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loved this shot from my easy to use digital camera - and reminds me of Gods promises from Joshua 1 9

Super Encouraging Scripture for Super Bowl Sunday for the Sandwich Generation

It’s Super Bowl Sunday 2012, but for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids, Upward basketball & its encouraging Bible verses are the highlight of our week.

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Verse By Verse Bible Studies “To Go” Are A Blessing for the Busy Sandwich Generation

Listening to these excellent audio verse by verse Bible studies with my grandson-a fun way of leaving a sweet spiritual legacy!

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Exalted Worship by baby boomer fave Kirk Cameron and Scott Krippayne on the album Exalted Worship

Mary Moments in the Midst of Martha Festivities for the Sandwich Generation

The holiday season-fun AND BUSY! Join us for Christian encouragement with comforting hymns & Bible verses for boomers, seniors & caregivers

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny is a geeky grandma who has been helping family members with their tech needs for decades - from senior parents to cute young grandkids

Curious How Easy It Is To Set Up Those Medical Alert Systems for the Elderly That Are Such Great Resources for the Sandwich Generation?

Thinking of getting your elderly senior parent one of those Philips LIfeline medical alert devices with the auto fall alert but wondering about set up?…

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A Boomer and A Senior Consider Whether Senior Medical Alert Systems with Pendants For Elderly Parents Safety are Great Resources for the Sandwich Generation

My elderly senior mom just got a Philips Lifeline medical alert system with a pendant & a button & the auto alert safety feature for falls!

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Autumn and fall fun activities and ideas for the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren

The Holiday Season Has Begun! Christian Halloween activities for the Sandwich Generation from Kids to Seniors – Part 1

The Holiday Season Has Begun! And SandwichINK has Christian Halloween activities and Ideas for the Sandwich Generation from Kids to Seniors – Part 1

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