Sweet Shot Tuesday

Hints of autumn from this lovely flower makes the heart of the Sandwich Generation granny nanny beat a bit faster

Hints of Autumn In Our Boomer and Senior Gardening Projects – A Delightful Treat for the Sandwich Generation

Hints of Autumn make this update of our boomer senior gardening projects, from the Sunflower House that wasn’t to the sweet flowers that are, extra delightful for all of us in the Sandwich Generation

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When leaving my senior relative in the hospital and heading - exhausted - to the car - my spirits perked up at these lovely flowers shot one-handed with my easy to use digital camera in the iphone

Lots of Smiles to Go Around in My Sandwich Generation Family – Thanks to My Handy Dandy and Easy To Use Digital Camera

Thanks to Picnik and my easy to use digital camera, I got some cute shots to share with my sweet senior in the hospital – smiles all around for our Sandwich Generation family!

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I found 10 commandments crafts for kids in the Encyclopedia of Bible Crafts for children

Easy Bible Crafts Books for Kids and Grand childen (And Us Seniors)

Fun photos from my easy to use and handy dandy digital camera inside my iPhone – of BOOKS with easy Bible crafts for kids (and seniors) including…

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Awww - blue jeans - dress up - and nap - a perfect combo for a sweet grandchild of this Sandwich Generation granny nanny

From Young to Old in This Sandwich Generation Family – Elastic Waist Blue Jeans and Pants Are Great!

Our Sandwich Generation family loves womens, mens, grandkids & granddogs regular, side, & full elastic waist jeans & pants-comfort clothing!

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Whether designer - orthopedic memory foam - or elevated - dog beds for granddogs are way spiffier than they used to be

Your Older Granddog Will Appreciate an Extra Large Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

It’s not just boomers! Even a dog or granddog may have aging bone issues. If yours does, try the extra large orthopedic memory foam dog beds

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Sweet Shots on a Red White And Blue Walk With My Grandson

Fun red white and blue photos from my easy to use digital camera along with cute country 4th of July clip art – a lovely walk with grandkid

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Awww - now my granddogs smiling for my iphone 3

This Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny Compares iPhones Vs. Easy To Use Digital Camera

iTunes 10.3.1 upgrade was bad news for the seniors in my home. But I enjoyed comparing my easy to use Canon Powershot digital camera with an iPhone 3 & 4. Guess which won.

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My senior mom and her gardening great-grandson helping her-lovely family memories

Seeing Red from Easy To Use Digital Camera To iPhone to Cute Granddog Toy!

Chatting about an easy to use digital camera for cute grandkid and granddog photos, a tip about a handy little iPhone camera zoom app, and some terrific dog exercise toys including for aggressive chewers!

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Worms a such a blessing for senior gardening projects like the Sunflower Houses or Butterfly Garden - they do a lot of our work for us as my sweet grandpa used to tell me

Fun as We Enjoy Senior Butterfly Gardening and Sunflower Activities

Senior gardening and sunflower activities fun for grandparents and grandchildren. My senior mom is looking forward to her butterfly garden as well!

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Multigenerational Family Fun Memories at Cracker Barrel Today

My Sandwich Generation family loves the Cracker Barrel-from the fun golf tee wooden peg puzzle to the four or five generations picture frame …

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