stroke support

This could be a useful book for boomers caring for elderly parents who are stroke patients and dealing with upper limb spasticity

The Fonz! Caregiver for His Senior Mom When She Was a Stroke Patient!

Caring for elderly parents who are stroke patients? The Fonz helped his senior mom with that. Here are some of the lessons he learned.

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Lovely pink roses shot with my easy to use digital camera to relax the caregiver caring for elderly parents - which can then lower blood pressure and help prevent us from becoming stroke patients

Important News For Seniors and Boomers From AARP-Start Working on Ways to Prevent Stroke!

AARP has news & information for boomers & seniors including ideas for how to lower blood pressure in the midst of caring for elderly parents

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The Comfort of Home - A complete guide for caregivers caring for elderly parents during stroke recovery

Help for The Family Caring for Elderly Parents Who Are Stroke Patients – Part 2

Part 2 for those caring for elderly parents who are stroke patients-resources to help you during the stroke rehab and recovery process.

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