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News Updates for the Sandwich Generation Caring for Elderly Parents Including with Parkinson’s Symptoms

News and Updates for the Baby Boomers Generation caring for elderly parents – financial assistance may be on its way; Ibuprofen link to Parkinson’s Symptoms?

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Ordering Huggies for grandkids using my Amazon Prime Discount Membership with free shipping is one of my favorite creative and practical ways to save money

Sandwich Generation Savings Tips

As a Sandwich Generation Grandmother caring for elderly parents, Amazon Prime Discount Membership is one of my practical ways to save money

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Spotlight On The Sandwich Generation – Issues and Options

Sandwich Generation issues can include Baby boomers caring for elderly parents while being Granny Nannies to grandkids. Check out this interesting video on…

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Senior Parents Love Old Time Radio

Old Time Radio is fun for the Sandwich Generation, from the oldest parents to the youngest grandkids. Find it with one of our favorite ways to save money- FREE.

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Spring Weather is Great Treat For Sandwich Generation Grandparents and Grandkids!

Spring Weather has given this Sandwich Generation grandmother extra incentive to lose some winter weight, else out come the South Beach Recipes!

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Tips & tools for taking care of the elderly parents include the Med-E-Lert automatic pill dispenser

Help Elderly Parents Avoid Missed Medication And Doctor Appointments

Missed medication & appointments are a problem for many of the aging. The Sandwich Generation taking care of the elderly parents can help!

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A Pause in Lent - Using Christian Easter Crafts and Easter Hymns to Encourage and Teach Our Grandkids

Sandwich Generation Takes A Pause In Lent

A Pause In Lent for the Sandwich Generation-easy Easter arts and crafts projects with grandkids while teaching them about Jesus Christ and His resurrection.

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A cute pix to encourage a merry heart for word-filled Wednesday

A Merry Heart to Encourage Senior Home Care Givers on Word-Filled Wednesday

An adorable Word-Filled Wednesday photo to encourage those caring for the elderly parents in their family AND their elderly parents AND even the grandkids.

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Praise and Worship In Christ

Amazon’s free praise and worship mp3s are great ways to encourage Sandwich Generation senior home care givers and grandparents, including In Christ from Big Daddy Weave!

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snow painting activities grandparents grandchildren

Sandwich Generation Tips From Alzheimer’s Disease Perspective to Snow Painting and More

Twitter has great resources for the Sandwich Generation, including info about Alzheimer’s Disease, Cissy King, Advance Directives for senior home care givers…

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