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This stylus works great on my aging relatives LG cell phone with a capacitive screen

Apricot Flowers, iPads, and Androids – Senior Citizen Fun in Our Sandwich Generation Family

Helping senior parents learn an Android cell phone or tablet? Looking for helpful tutorials? I found some good ones for a beloved senior…

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My senior mom is enjoying her birds but cannot wait for spring and gardening activities

From Spring Weather to Doctor’s Visits – Changes Are A’Coming For The Sandwich Generation

While dealing with multigenerational caregiving, I’ve noticed some important changes when visiting doctors and hospitals. Have you?

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Mystery plant number 2 for my senior moms gardening activities

Summer Flowers Coming To An End – With Sweet Mysteries for My Senior Mom

My senior mom’s gardening activities for the summer are ending – but we have a mystery plant. Do you know what this is?

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A cheery sight for the Sandwich Generation

Summer Flowers Coming To An End – Still Putting Smiles on My Senior Mom’s Face

Fun and physical senior citizen activities like gardening are excellent for our aging parents – great for mental AND physical healthy and well-being.

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The calm before the storm for the sunflower of the Sunflower House in my senior moms gardening activities

The Calm Before The Storm For Our Boomer-Senior Gardening Activities

My senior mom has enjoyed her gardening activities this year even tho slightly curtailed. So when we heard a doozie of a storm was headed our way…

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FUN - my senior moms gardening activities are producing these lovely sunflowers for the sporadic sunflower house

Sunflower Fun for Senior Moms Gardening Activities

Latest update of the Sunflowers in our sunflower “house” for Wordless Wednesday. My senior mom’s gardening activities are so fun and healthy!

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My granddaughter is following in her senior great-grandmas gardening activities - I love her flowers h

Floral Fun For Grandparents and Grandchildren

Fun for the Sandwich Generation to pass on a love of senior gardening activities to the next generation-a sweet way of leaving a legacy.

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My senior mom has been enjoying many gardening activities like the Sunflower House project - butterfly plant bush - and the Mr Lincoln red rose - one of the most fragrant roses around

Happy Senior Citizens Day! Fun Senior Gardening, Sunflower House, and Bird Feeding Update for the Sandwich Generation

A Happy Senior Citizens Day to Boomers and Seniors – in AND out of the Sandwich Generation – along with a fun senior gardening activities update!

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