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My senior mom loves marigolds for her butterfly garden design plans.jpg

Exercise and the Brain: Senior Gardening Activities Are A Double Blessing For the Sandwich Generation Family

Senior gardening activities are great for brain foods AND physical exercise AND a lot of fun for grandparents and grandchildren. A win-win for all!

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interesting and unique water soluble laundry bags can be a useful resource for caregivers - in OR out of the Sandwich Generation

Water Soluble Laundry Bags Could Be Useful For Some Caring for Elderly Parents or Other Family Members

As a Sandwich Generation senior home care giver I love useful tips to help with taking care of elderly parents. Water Soluble laundry bags can be a useful resource…

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Elderly Parents Dealing with Depression And Its Medication Can Be a Cause for Concern for the Sandwich Generation

Caring for elderly parents taking medication for their depression or anxiety? It’s definitely a concern! Plus The Sandwich Generation was the topic of the latest #ElderCareChat at Twitter.

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Rather disconcerting for the lights to go out while the Sandwich Generation granny nanny sat alone in the doctors office

Seems Silly? One of Those Tiny Practical Tips For Taking Care of Elderly Parents!

Often, it’s the simplest tips for taking care of our elderly parents that can be a BIG help. As a member of the Sandwich Generation, I’m always on the lookout for those helpful hints.

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Senior and Boomer News For The Sandwich Generation

Science and other news stories of interest for boomers and seniors in AND out of the Sandwich Generation.

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