Sandwich Generation

Sandwich Generation Tweeting: Ankle Joint Replacement Surgery

SandwichINK’s weekly “Tweeting of Interest” for the Sandwich Generation: ankle joint replacement surgery.

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Big Thanks to Toyota Dealer From This Sandwich Generation Grandma!

With all the bad news about the Toyota recall, here’s some good news about Toyota service depts. & how they can help the Sandwich Generation save time & money!

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Valentine's Day Crafts are fun to do with grandchildren

7 Valentine Craft and Game Resources

7 fun Valentine day resources full of great gift ideas, crafts, and recipes. Terrific for Sandwich Generation grandparents and grandchildren.

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Simple Valentine Ideas Grandkids Granchildren

Valentine Day Gifts Grandchildren and Grandparents Can Enjoy Together

Looking for fun Valentines ideas for gifts for grandkids. SandwichINK has some cute Valentine book ideas perfect for Sandwich Generation grandparents!

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Have a merry and musical Birthday from Kaye Swain

Musical Greeting Cards Great for Seniors to Give and Get

How can you encourage someone with dementia symptoms, poor eyesight, or other health issues? How about some cute musical greeting cards they can listen to?

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Hi-Tech First Aid Can Definitely Come In Handy for the Sandwich Generation

An encouraging story and a practical illustration of how handy First Aid apps, like the American Heart Association’s Pocket First Aid & CPR iPhone app, can be.

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Look to Psalm 37 to encourage us to wait

Words of Encouragement to Stay on Track

A train has to stay on its tracks or suffer major calamity. We also need to follow God’s way even when problems crop up with senior home care or grandparenting.

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Praise and Worship In Christ

Amazon’s free praise and worship mp3s are great ways to encourage Sandwich Generation senior home care givers and grandparents, including In Christ from Big Daddy Weave!

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God gave us Isaiah 408 to encourage us to stand firm on His Word

Encourage Each Other With This Word

Words to encourage Sandwich Generation senior home care givers & grandparents that, even in the midst of uncertainty and crisis, God and His Word stand forever.

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Durable Medical Equipment for Elderly Seniors

My dad’s Parkinson’s Disease symptoms got worse so I immediately sprung into action, buying a transport wheelchair and rollator walker. Later I found Medicare

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