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Christian Kaye Swain REALTOR blogger Roseville Sacramento CA sharing encouraging Bible verses

Multigenerational Joys on a Sweet Sunday

Multigenerational joys & info with encouraging Bible verses, easy crafts for grandparents & grandkids, househunting & home decor tips for boomers & seniors.

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Staying Healthy and Sharing Heavenly Encouragement With Our Sandwich Generation Family – Part 2

The Sandwich Generation keeps us on the run. It’s vital we stay healthy-physically AND spiritually-to keep up with this season of life

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Love the sunshine in Pierce County Washington and love the SONshine in Psalm 108

Appreciating the Sunshine in the Sky AND the SONshine in Psalm 108

Reflections for caregivers & grandparents on the weather around the U.S. & encouraging Bible verses including Psalm 108

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Flag Day is one of those lesser celebrated but still important and happy US patriotic holidays - no change

Happy Holiday Fun With A Reliable Easy to Use Digital Camera or Two

Celebrating Flag Day 2011 for the US & checking out the easy to use Camera Zoom App for the iPhone. The Canon Powershot digital camera WINS!

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9 Tips for Caregivers Selling a House From a Distance

Are you in the midst of helping an elderly parent sell their house? Or preparing yourself for that coming scenario? Or are you, like me, trying to sell your own house from a distance, while juggling all the different hats of a Sandwich Generation caregiver? Here are a few tips I’ve learned when selling houses […]

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Real Help for Elderly Parents’ Real Estate Issues

Working closely with our elderly parents can lead to our being involved in helping them with real estate transactions.

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Twitter Talk Part 2

Yesterday I mentioned Twitter, explained it briefly, and invited y’all to join me there. Today it occurred to me to share a little more information. Specifically, why sign up for Twitter? There are actually several good reasons: 1. It’s useful and fun to find like-minded folks to share information, links, and other resources with. This […]

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SandwichINK Twitter Link Round Up 1/9/09

Twitter resources for the Sandwich Generation senior home care giver and grandparent including dementia care, recipes, and recipe scams.

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