Praying Scripture

When senior parents or grandkids head out on a road trip - the best gift we can give them is plenty of PRAYER 475

A Special Road Map When Our Seniors or Grandkids are Traveling

What’s the most important thing we can do for our sweet seniors and/or grandkids as they enjoy summer travel this year…and every year?

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The Sandwich Generation issues of caring for elderly parents or babysitting grandchildren during illnesses can seem like a major storm

Short Scripture Prayers are An Excellent RX for the Sandwich Generation Influenza Issues

These comforting and encouraging Bible verses make short and simple Scripture prayers for the Sandwich Generation dealing with the issues of illness.

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Inspiring Bible verses for our Grand Children

Do The Sandwich Generation Issues Seem Like Tidal Waves? Surround Yourself With These Uplifting Bible Verses!

There are days when The Sandwich Generation issues may seem to surround us like tidal waves! Then we need to cling to encouraging and uplifting Bible verses…

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Praying Scripture Using The Inspiring Bible Verses From Psalm 118 Will Encourage The Sandwich Generation!

Are you looking for some of the awesome promises of God in the Bible along with plenty of inspirational and encouraging Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation?

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