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John 3:16 Smiles for Our Sandwich Generation Families

Smiles abundant for our Sandwich Generation families with these cute videos about John 3:16 – fun ways of leaving a sweet spiritual legacy in the hearts of our grandkids.

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Be Prepared – A Great Message To Share With Our Grandkids – Indeed, All Our Loved Ones!

It’s vital for us, in AND out of the Sandwich Generation, to be prepared – whether it’s for a stormy power outage or our Savior’s return!

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Comforting Words for The Sandwich Generation – EVERYTHING We Need!

During the difficult seasons of the Sandwich Generation issues Christian hymns, full of sweet words of encouragement and inspiration, can bless…

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Encouragement for The Sandwich Generation to Keep Watching God

Encouraging Bible verses in praise & worship music for boomers & seniors caring for aging parents – especially us in the Sandwich Generation

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Love this sweet example of a grandmother who made leaving a sweet spiritual legacy a high priority and it has endured

Strength for This Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny on a Double Trouble Weekend!

Talk about one of those crazy days we in the Sandwich Generation know all too well. It started so smoothly – some great time working on homework with one grandchild, my senior mom's aquatics therapy, and a lovely lunch for mom and me while getting acquainted with our newest project (check back Thursday to find […]

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Strong Praise and Worship Music To Encourage All of Us In The Sandwich Generation

Lovely praise and worship hymn song from Michael W. Smith to encourage the Sandwich Generation in the strength of the Lord.

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It is so important for boomers and seniors to enjoy fun physical senior activities but even more important - to find our strength in the Lord God

Important Activities For Boomers and Seniors Include Spiritual As Well As Physical

Fun exercise activities for boomers and seniors are so vital – physical, mental, AND spiritual! They all keep us more active and alert and help us to keep…

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Striving Together for Peaceful Harmonious Caregiving

Encouraging Bible verses about living in harmony-so important for boomers and seniors in the Sandwich Generation, caring for aging parents.

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Fun Song For This Bible Memory Verse for Our Children and Grandchildren (And Us Too)

I love sharing encouraging Bible memory verses for children with my grandkids – especially those with cute songs like this one.

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A smile from Kaye Swain and SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation along with encouraging Bible verses and praise music

A Fun Baby Boomer Memory To Share With The Grandkids!

Fun family memories for this baby boomer grandma-you too? Psalty the Singing Songbook and encouraging Bible memory verses for children Romans 12:1-2

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