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Kaye Swain REALTOR sharing grandkids Christmas crafts at SandwichINK think outside the box

Boomers and Seniors Joys -Christmas Food, Crafts, Encouragement

Christmas tips and encouragement for boomers and seniors whether playing with grandkids nearby or visiting elderly loved ones long distance

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When a member of our family - in OR out of the Sandwich Generation - is sad - we are all sad - Praise GOD for His sweet comfort

Uplifting Praise Music for Lent For the Sandwich Generation

When does church not mean church? When it means sitting outside church praying for your family – in AND out of the Sandwich Generation.

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Kaye Swain - SandwichINK - is a nominee in the Best Senior Living Awards 2013 b

Fruit of the Spirit – Sweet Blessings for the Sandwich Generation – Isaiah 26:3

Peace – highly valued, yet can be hard to find, especially for those of us in the Sandwich Generation. Words of encouragement for all of us multigenerational caregivers…

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Advent Music for Our Sandwich Generation Families – God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman

The last in our Advent and Christmas Carols series for the Sandwich Generation family, from grandkids to seniors – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, which my grandkids helped me pick.

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Sunday Greetings And Christmas Thoughts For the Sandwich Generation

Encouraging praise and worship music and thoughts of Advent and Christmas brighten the day for the Sandwich Generation. Join us, won’t you.

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Giving Thanks For God’s Faithfulness Through All Generations

Encouraging Bible verses for boomers and seniors caring for aging parents & grandkids – faithfulness to all generations.

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Early Christmas Joy With One of the Sweet Old Christian Hymns for All of Us In The Sandwich Generation

Wise words and praise music for the Sandwich Generation – with a lovely Christmas flair to one of the sweet old Christian hymns!

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Fun Praise Song For Grandparents and Grandkids With A Serious Reminder For Our Hearts

Fun praise music for grandparents and grandkids, ala poodle skirt tunes-delightful ways of leaving a sweet spiritual legacy in their hearts.

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Leaving a Sweet Spiritual Legacy With Faithful Thoughts and Sounds

Encouraging Bible verses along with old and new Christian hymns can be a delightful encouragement for the whole Sandwich Generation family

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Eternal Love! Sweet Blessings for the Sandwich Generation

Sweet reflections and encouraging praise and worship music focusing on the love of God for our whole Sandwich Generation family – from tiny grandkids up to elderly senior

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