power outage

The lights may have gone out for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and senior mom but the iPad and iPhone kept chugging away - and the flashlight app was GRAND

iPad Adventures for Our Sandwich Generation Family! Power Outage Perk of the iPad

More power outage issues have some iPad perks for my senior mom – it led me to add another of the great apps – great for seniors when the lights go off.

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Electric Solution for Senior Parents

A tip to help all of us Sandwich Generation senior home care givers who have to be away from aging parents when a breaker pops or the power goes out!

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Disaster Preparation

I’ve lived in earthquake country. I’ve lived in hurricane country. I’ve even visited in tornado country. I’ve learned that there are wonderful little booklets with all sorts of valuable information for each of these types of disasters. Problem is, I always seem to bring them home from the store, get interrupted, and promptly misplace them. […]

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