Pink Saturday

Many of us in the Sandwich Generation are dealing with arthritis - in our elderly parents as well as in our own bodies

7 Fun and Physical Baby Boomer and Senior Citizen Activities Ideas to Stay Active and Help Your Aging Parents Do The Same Even When You Hurt

Fun and physical baby boomer and senior citizen activities are great for grandkids too-perfect for the Sandwich Generation multigenerational family

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This Medline elevated toilet seat with handles looks great - but warn your aging parents to push up with both handles when they stand

Raised Toilet Seats Elderly Parents Appreciate!

Cute pink toilet seat tattoos are fun accessories but after total hip replacement surgery and recovery, practical raised toilet seats are more important.

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny ordered these white elastic shoe laces because I can use my Amazon Prime Discounts Membership for free shipping

Elastic Shoe Laces Are Comfortable and Easy for the Whole Sandwich Generation Family – Part Deux

A followup to the adventures of the Sandwich Generation granny nanny on the hunt for comfy elastic shoe laces due to arthritis foot pain.

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Book with wise words of encouragement and tips for those dealing with the Sandwich Generation issues of caring for the elderly parents - raising kids - or babysitting grandchildren

Elastic Shoe Laces Are Comfortable and Easy for the Whole Sandwich Generation Family!

Happy news for the Sandwich Generation with white elastic shoe laces that stay tied! Perfect for those of us with arthritis pain in our feet!

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This could be a useful book for boomers caring for elderly parents who are stroke patients and dealing with upper limb spasticity

The Fonz! Caregiver for His Senior Mom When She Was a Stroke Patient!

Caring for elderly parents who are stroke patients? The Fonz helped his senior mom with that. Here are some of the lessons he learned.

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Lovely pink roses shot with my easy to use digital camera to relax the caregiver caring for elderly parents - which can then lower blood pressure and help prevent us from becoming stroke patients

Important News For Seniors and Boomers From AARP-Start Working on Ways to Prevent Stroke!

AARP has news & information for boomers & seniors including ideas for how to lower blood pressure in the midst of caring for elderly parents

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The Sandwch Generation granny nanny was so blessed by the sweet article by Seniors For Living and Michelle Seitzer

Pretty in Pink Resources For Grandparents and Grandchildren Including Those of Us In The Sandwich Generation has a great resource for grandparents & grandchildren, including the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents!

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Baby Boomer News For Boomers and our beloved seniors

MedjetAssist is Good News for The Sandwich Generation, Including Boomers and Seniors Caring for Elderly Parents!

Caring for elderly parents who are traveling? Grandkids overseas alone? What happens if they become unexpectedly ill? MedjetAssist is great!

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I love these gorgeous pink mums from my easy to use digital camera

Happy Pink Flowers for Happy Pink Saturday!

Pink Saturday fun with pretty pink mums from my wonderfully easy to use digital camera! Perfect to encourage all of us boomers and seniors!

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Love this photo I took with my easy to use digital camera - it is so purty

Caring for Elderly Parents Is Easier if You Make Sure You Are Also Caring for the Caregiver

Babysitting grandchildren and enjoying out of town visitors have been keeping me extra busy. And with summer fun all around us, you might be swamped as well. So I thought we could all use a moment or two of pink smiles with some cute pink things before heading back for your busy joys and sweet […]

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