Pink Saturday things

Easy food crafts for kids and seniors like this pink fudge recipe are very handy for the busy Sandwich Generation

Happy Father’s Day, Pink Saturday, AND Fudge Day to the Sandwich Generation

Pink fun & easy peasy fudge recipe that makes for easy cooking crafts for kids & seniors-Great for Father’s Day, Pink Saturday, & Fudge Day!

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Happy Valentines Day Holidays snowman clip art for the Sandwich Generation dealing with the issues of babysitting grandchildren while caring for the elderly parents.jpg

Easy, Creative and Free Valentine Ideas for the Sandwich Generation

Fun Valentine’s Day ideas including easy crafts for kids & seniors make these two free ebooks a special treat for the Sandwich Generation

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Helpful resources for the Sandwich Generation include Tylenol Arthritis Pain with easy open bottles

Sweet Tips For Taking Care of Elderly and Not So Elderly Parents and Grandparents

My grandchild showed me Tylenol for Arthritis Pain – an extra strength formula that can help those of us in the Sandwich Generation stay a bit more active.

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Help for the multigenerational Sandwich Generation - Invacare Extra Reusable Bedpads

Disposable and Washable Bed pads for Adults and Children

They aren’t glamourous but they are a great resource for the Sandwich Generation, caring for elderly parents & babysitting grandchildren or still raising children…

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Pink things like these cute tennis balls are fun for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and the grandkids like them too

Balls of All Types, Including PINK, are the New Normal In Our Sandwich Generation Family

More for the Sandwich Generation on lightweight senior walkers and their feet options, not to mention pink things like balls for grandkids – soft squishy small foam balls, that is!

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Hints of autumn from this lovely flower makes the heart of the Sandwich Generation granny nanny beat a bit faster

Hints of Autumn In Our Boomer and Senior Gardening Projects – A Delightful Treat for the Sandwich Generation

Hints of Autumn make this update of our boomer senior gardening projects, from the Sunflower House that wasn’t to the sweet flowers that are, extra delightful for all of us in the Sandwich Generation

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Encouraging Bible verses are a reminder during Sandwich Generation Month of Who the source of strength for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren

Happy Sandwich Generation Month To Caregivers Everywhere!

Happy Sandwich Generation Month! Encouraging Bible verses to lift the spirits of boomers and seniors caring for elderly parents.

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This is one of those cute pink things that is also very practical for the Sandwich Generation - a vibrating alarm clock that works for seniors who are hearing impaired or grandteens who are wake-up challenged

Pink Saturday Things to Help the Sandwich Generation, Like Loud Vibrating Alarm Clocks

Loud vibrating alarm clocks for the hearing impaired are also great resources for heavy sleepers – doubly useful for the Sandwich Generation

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