Pink Saturday

My grandchildren and I love both the Carcassonne board game and the iPhone app

Enjoy These Warm Ideas for the Grandkids AND Grandparents on Cold Winter Days

Too cold to play outside with the grandkids? How about a fun new board game – like the Carcassonne board game? My grandchildren and I love it!

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Peace from the Father Son and Holy Spirit - God Almighty - to encourage the Sandwich Generation multigenerational caregivers

New Year, New Changes, New Encouragement for the Sandwich Generation

Changes are happening everywhere, including SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation. One thing not changing? Encouraging Bible verses for our hearts and eyes.

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Snow much fun for the Sandwich Generation thanks to YouTube and Pink Saturday things 300

Christmas Home Light Shows For The Caregiver and Caree

Caring for elderly parents and can’t get out to see the Christmas lights? Or aging parents who are bedbound? Enjoy my three favorite light show displays right from your own home.

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A lovely butterfly bookmark for the grandkids to color - for the special women in our Sandwich Generation lives from SandwichINK

Cute and Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Boomers and Seniors and Our Grandchildren

Fun and easy crafts for boomers and seniors and our grandkids for Mother’s Day, as well as spring and summer – great leisure activities for our families.

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Both were fun but for our Sandwich Generation family, the bubble shooter guns with the bottles won the day

Which Bubble Shooter Guns Did The Grandkids Prefer?

Have you & your grandkids ever wondered which was better-bubble shooter guns with the solution attached or the one you dip? My grandchildren prefer…

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This Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids had the best time with kite flying this week using the cheapest kites - I wonder how much more exciting it might be with something gorgeous like this

Kite-Challenged? Easy Kites for Kids Give Hope to This Sandwich Generation Grandmother!

Kite flying has never been fun for me, so my grandkids were thrilled to help me discover easy kites for kids, which made for great flying kite fun for us all!

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Greetings to the Ultimate Blog Party AND Happy Pink Saturday from Kaye Swain and SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation

Blog Hopping Fun for the Sandwich Generation on A Pink Saturday at the Ultimate Blog Party

More Ultimate Blog Party 2012 fun for the Sandwich Generation combined with Pink Saturday delights-a lovely way of caring for the caregiver

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Happy Pink Saturday to the Sandwich Generation taking care of aging parents and babysitting grandchildren

Looking for Ways of Leaving a Sweet Spiritual Legacy in Your Grandkids Hearts This Easter?

Spending time with grandkids this weekend & looking for interesting ways to spend the time with an emphasis on the spiritual side of Lent and Easter?

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids are often tootling around town in my grandkid-friendly minivan - not as cute as this pink buggy but nice

Great Christian Encouragement and Fun Family Memories for Grandkids AND Grandparents Thanks to “Down Gilead Lane”

Looking for great Christian audiobooks for kids? Down Gilead Lane is an audio “radio program” that is a hit with my grandkids and me! Check it out..

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The Sandwich Generation granny granny nanny and grandkids are having a blast playing Words with Friends game on 2 apps per iPhone

Using Two Words With Friends Game Apps Per iPhone! Handy Tips For Grandparents and Grandchildren!

My grandkids and I love Words With Friends game apps and I’ve got some tips to help if you’d like to use more than one app per iPhone.

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