Large as Life Memories of Days Gone By

Photos always tend to add spice to life. If you have an elderly parent who can’t see well, however, they may have problems enjoying photos. I just stumbled upon an interesting site that is FREE (how’s that for a frugal tip for caregivers!). Block Posters – – takes your photo and blows it up […]

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Picasa for Photos

There are lots of great and free ways to store your photos. I keep mine on my computer using Google’s Picasa. I have found it very easy to use. You can also upload your pictures online where you will find 1 GB available. That’s enough to store thousands of pictures of those darling grandchildren, […]

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GIMP Is Great for Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words – but what do you do with a thousand pictures? One love we in the Sandwich Generation often share is that of photos of our beloveds. Thanks to the gifts of all of my talented children, I am truly blessed with thousandS – yup, you read that S […]

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