Parkinson’s Disease

Electric powered medical mobility scooters like this Pilot scooter can enable our senior parents to move around freely in spite of their weaknesses

Strength for the Sandwich Generation Family Is Found in Jesus Christ

Electric powered medical mobility scooters are a great way to illustrate 2 Corinthians 12:9-10-comforting Bible verses for caregivers and caregivees.

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The Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents who may have Lewy Body Dementia Disease might appreciate this book on the subject

Lewy Body Dementia – News and Resources for Helping Our Beloved Seniors

The Baby Boomer Generation caring for elderly parents will appreciate the news and resources for seniors who are concerned about Lewy Body Dementia Disease.

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Baby Boomer and Senior Citizen News at the Boomers and Seniors News You Can Use Blog Carnival

SandwichINK Presents: Baby Boomer and Senior Citizen News For You!

Looking for interesting Baby Boomer and Senior Citizen News? Welcome to the latest Boomers and Seniors: News You Can Use Blog Carnival here at SandwichINK…

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Merry Christmas to All, including Caregiving’s Progressive Christmas Party

A big welcome to the visitors from the Caregiving Holiday Progressive Blog Party along with words of encouragement from Isaiah 41:10.

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SandwichINK’s Twitter Tips Including Cancer and Parkinsons Tips

Tips to help the Sandwich Generation relax, caregivers travel tips, Info for grandparents and grandkids, aging parents, Alzheimer’s Disease, and so much more.

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Frugal and Fashionable Safety Wear for the Elderly

Walking is excellent exercise for our elderly parents. If they are in reasonably good health, they can enjoy the fresh air and exercise whenever they want. When you can keep them company that’s great. Even when you can’t, it can still be a pleasure for them. However, occasionally an older person can become disoriented, turned […]

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Exercising – The Sandwich Generation Way

Too much to do, too little time! Ask most families who are right in the middle of the Sandwich Generation why they don’t exercise and that would probably be the number one answer. But studies have proven that regular exercise makes you feel better, stress less, and renew your energy. It can even slow down […]

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