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News for Boomers and Seniors About Top Caregiving Websites and Blogs: Caring From A Distance (CFAD)

I’m a member of the Sandwich Generation, caring for aging parents near & far while babysitting grandchildren. Caring From A Distance (CFAD) can be a very useful resource for all of us long distance caregivers.

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Love Blairs pink fleece including this sweatshirt but black is better for the hospital for the Sandwich Generation

Love Pink Things? Maybe Not At The Hospital Though! One of Those Tiny Practical Tips For Taking Care of Elderly Parents +

One of my simple tips for taking care of elderly parents, as well as the rest of our Sandwich Generation family, when headed for a hospital.

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This could be a useful book for boomers caring for elderly parents who are stroke patients and dealing with upper limb spasticity

The Fonz! Caregiver for His Senior Mom When She Was a Stroke Patient!

Caring for elderly parents who are stroke patients? The Fonz helped his senior mom with that. Here are some of the lessons he learned.

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Lovely pink roses shot with my easy to use digital camera to relax the caregiver caring for elderly parents - which can then lower blood pressure and help prevent us from becoming stroke patients

Important News For Seniors and Boomers From AARP-Start Working on Ways to Prevent Stroke!

AARP has news & information for boomers & seniors including ideas for how to lower blood pressure in the midst of caring for elderly parents

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Star Trek - Sanctuary - was one of the many novels this baby boomer granny nanny loved to read before the grandkids kept her so wonderfully busy

Leaving A Space-full Spiritual Legacy for All of our Grandkids

For a baby boomer trekkie who loves Christian praise and worship music, hearing that More by Matthew West was played on the space shuttle was such a treat!

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Caring for elderly parents and concerned about their driving - Beyond Driving with Dignity

Caring for Elderly Parents Who Combine Driving With Health Issues? Part 3

Caring for elderly parents driving after stroke or are end stage Parkinsons Disease patients? More news & resources for seniors & boomers in our series…

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Baby Boomer News For Boomers and our beloved seniors

MedjetAssist is Good News for The Sandwich Generation, Including Boomers and Seniors Caring for Elderly Parents!

Caring for elderly parents who are traveling? Grandkids overseas alone? What happens if they become unexpectedly ill? MedjetAssist is great!

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This grandfather heard the tough news for seniors but is trusting in God and His encouraging Bible verses

Breaking News for Seniors and Boomers – Social Security Checks May Not Go Out August 3!

Bad news for seniors and boomers about social security, disability, and veterans checks possibly delayed means more prayer and trust in God!

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Encouraging Bible verses are a reminder during Sandwich Generation Month of Who the source of strength for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren

Happy Sandwich Generation Month To Caregivers Everywhere!

Happy Sandwich Generation Month! Encouraging Bible verses to lift the spirits of boomers and seniors caring for elderly parents.

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More blog party fun for all including boomers and seniors in the Sandwich Generation

July Blog Party Fun for All of Us is Good News for Boomers and Seniors

Party blog news for seniors and boomers! SandwichINK is joining in on the party fun at White Christmas in July & Where Bloggers Create. Join us

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