Caregiving Vs. To Do Lists

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! If you didn’t already see it, be sure to take a peek at the Valentine card I made for you at . Click on the big checkerboard 🙂 I spent this day having fun with grandkids in the a.m., moving and helping my mom with her aching back in between, and […]

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Moving Checklist for Caregivers

Here is a question and a checklist that is very important for all, but especially important if you are assisting an elderly parent in a move and will be leaving them alone when you are finished. Is everything available, turned on, and working? We arranged for all utilities to be turned on Wednesday and we […]

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Moving Questions for the Sandwich Generation

The joys and woes of moving! For various and sundry reasons, my mom and I are moving into an apartment from a house. Talk about downsizing! Of course, we’re not the only ones! There are plenty of us Sandwich Generation families with elderly parents moving into retirement communities, senior apartments, or care facilities. Not to […]

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The Sandwich Generation Moves – Part 2

In part 1 of this series on moving tips, , we discussed planning, utilities and packing. Today’s ideas cover the actual moving process. Scheduling the moving van. First check with your real estate agent or your apartment manager to see if they have a van available for free or reduced fees. If not, I’ve […]

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The Sandwich Generation Moves – Part 1

Today found me standing in line at the post office, on their self-proclaimed busiest day of the year. While waiting for 45 minutes, I had time to listen to a couple of the conversations around me, all the while multi-tasking by deleting text messages I no longer needed in my smart phone. One conversation I […]

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