Jesus Christ Resurrection

Happy Easter To The Sandwich Generation of Elder Caregivers and Grandparents

Special Smileboxes full of uplifiting Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation also make delightful Christian Easter cards for special seniors and grandchildren

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Good Friday – Encouragement Verses and Praise and Worship Music for the Sandwich Generation

Encouraging Bible verses & praise and worship music plus fun activities for Good Friday for the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents and grandchildren

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14 Easter Presents For Grandchildren of All Ages

Looking for special Easter presents for your grandchildren that focus on Jesus Christ and His Resurrection. Here are 14 ideas to get your creative juices going.

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Praise and Worship Music and Words of Encouragement for the Season of Lent for the Sandwich Generation

Praise and worship music from Tim Hughes coupled with scenes from the Passion of the Christ to encourage the Sandwich Generation in the season of Lent.

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A Pause In Lent With Resurrection Easter Eggs

Resurrection Easter Eggs are great for Sandwich Generation grandparents helping their grandkids learn what Easter means-Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection.

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A Pause in Lent - Using Christian Easter Crafts and Easter Hymns to Encourage and Teach Our Grandkids

Sandwich Generation Takes A Pause In Lent

A Pause In Lent for the Sandwich Generation-easy Easter arts and crafts projects with grandkids while teaching them about Jesus Christ and His resurrection.

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Resurrection Easter Eggs are great for the grandkids

Grandkids Love Resurrection Easter Eggs And Easter Crafts

For this Christian granny nanny, Lent and Easter activities, ideas, clipart & Resurrection Easter eggs are all great ways to teach our grandkids about Easter.

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Easter Seder With Your Grandkids

Fun and educational Easter activities for grandparents and grandchildren could include a Messianic sedar haggadah, a Christian seder meal.

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