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Granny Nanny and Grandpa love their grandkids

Who Else Wants to Know They Are A Granny Nanny?

Grandparents go by many names – Grandma, MeeMaw, PawPaw, Nana. A new one to me, Granny Nanny! We Granny Nannies are a growing trend too…

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Elderly fish with words of encouragement to praise God no matter what

Fishy Words of Encouragement

A word-filled Wednesday full of smiles and inspirational Bible verses to encourage Sandwich Generation senior home care givers and grandparents.

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Timely Words of Encouragement for Sandwich Generation Senior Home Care Givers and Grandparents

Timely Words of Encouragement for the Sandwich Generation

Timely and inspirational Bible verses to encourage Sandwich Generation senior home care givers, their elderly parents, and their grandkids.

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Need Words of Encouragement? Try These Praise and Worship Songs!

Got the Sandwich Generation senior home care giver and grandparent “too much to do” blues? Praise and Worship songs are great music AND words of encouragement!

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Several inspirational Bible Verses offer Sandwich Generation Grandparents Words of Encouragement to Stand Firm_picnik

Stand Firm on These Words of Encouragement

Inspirational Bible verses and photos to encourage Sandwich Generation grandparents to Stand Firm in the Lord and in His Word.

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A cute pix to encourage a merry heart for word-filled Wednesday

A Merry Heart to Encourage Senior Home Care Givers on Word-Filled Wednesday

An adorable Word-Filled Wednesday photo to encourage those caring for the elderly parents in their family AND their elderly parents AND even the grandkids.

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Random Acts of Kindness for elderly parents and neighbors

Happy Valentine’s Day to the Sandwich Generation

Looking for ways to make this Sandwich Generation Valentine’s Day extra special for elderly parents, especially those with dementia symptoms?

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Proverbs 10 has great advice for the Sandwich Generation

Valentine Love for the Sandwich Generation

Great photos and inspirational Bible verses make Word-filled Wednesday a great way to encourage the Sandwich Generation and their families.

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Encouraging Quotes and Examples for Us AND Our Grandchildren

Words of encouragement for Sandwich Generation senior home care givers and grandparents AND their grandchildren along with an inspiring video by Nick Vujicic.

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Look to Psalm 37 to encourage us to wait

Words of Encouragement to Stay on Track

A train has to stay on its tracks or suffer major calamity. We also need to follow God’s way even when problems crop up with senior home care or grandparenting.

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