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The Gift That Keeps On Giving for the Sandwich Generation

Teaching God’s love to our kids & grandkids richly blesses us making it the gift that keeps on giving – even into the Sandwich Generation and Senior years.

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Writing Fun For Grandkids

Story writing is great for our grandkids of all ages. Working on it with them gives us a fun memory together and a great project for homeschooling programs.

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Great Waiting Room Magazine for the Sandwich Generation

As senior home care givers and grandparents we stay plenty busy. I just discovered a new-to-me magazine that’s great for those of us in the Sandwich Generation.

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Autumn Decor With Grandkids

Autumn leaves are much loved by my grandkids and me. When everyone else is busily raking their lawn to achieve the bare look, my grandkids and I are crunchily dancing in the leaves, watching in awe as they fall to the ground in God’s awesome “Autumn Ballet,” and making craft projects with them. We have […]

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Mighty Machines teaches our grandkids how machines like jets and big trucks operate - the Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves it too

Mighty Machines are Mighty Fun for Grandkids

As I looked out the plane’s window I realized it was like a scene from one of my grandkids’ favorite educational videos, Mighty Machines. This fun series is…

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LEGOs For Grandkids, The REST of the Story

My grandkids and I have had fun researching LEGOs sets and have plenty more resources listed including a LEGO museum, LEGO set designers, alternative LEGO sets.

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Cholesterol News for the Sandwich Generation

I don’t know about you, but as a member of the Baby Boomer Generation with several senior relatives, all of us are thinking A LOT about cholesterol. For that reason, I’ve tended to assume it is something only those of us in the over-50 crowd need to be really focused on. Today I was reading […]

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Grandkids Love New and Old LEGOs

New and old LEGOs sets are some of my grandkids’ favorite building toys. I found lots of fun info for them, and you, about LEGOs and LEGO sets!

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More Travel Games for Grandkids

Welcome to my “grandma travel bag of car games.” More car games for kids and grandparents to enjoy on long or short trips, including fun and educational ideas.

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Team-Building Version of Pictureka Game for Younger Grandkids

The Pictureka game has a funny sounding name, with a funny looking board, that my grandkids LOVE! We even devised a team-building version for younger players.

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