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Food coloring add to my grandchildren fun

More Educational Fun With Grandkids and Great-Grandma and Mini-Eruptions

More educational fun with the grandkids making mini eruptions with baking soda and vinegar and straws. Even great grandma had fun watching!

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InsideEarth thank you to the National Snow and Ice Data Center and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory for this great image to share with our grandchildren

Having a Blast with the Grandkids!

Educational fun with the grandkids making volcanoes out of play-doh and empty pill bottles and eruptions with baking soda and vinegar.

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids are busy working on math facts of all kinds

Grandparent and Grandchildren Educational and Musical Fun – Teaching Multiplication Facts Through Songs

Grandparents & grandchildren can enjoy learning multiplication facts with songs on these albums-great for errands with the grandkids!

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Too Sick for Sunday School? Make It a Home Sunday School

Childrens books about the Bible, a few simple songs and a project or two are easy ways to bring the homeschooling programs into “sick day” Sundays.

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Twitter Resources for the Sandwich Generation: Elderly Romance, LED Traffic Lights…

Twitter resources include: Alzheimer’s Disease, Words of Encouragement, homeschooling programs, driving safety for elderly parents, LED traffic light problems.

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Beeswax Candles for Advent Wreaths

Beeswax candles are a fun craft project for grandparents & grandkids. They work well in Advent wreaths and are interesting projects for homeschooling programs.

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Grand Kids Digital Cameras Gift Baskets

Christmas Gift Baskets with regular or kids digital cameras & accessories will be something your grandkids will remember for years!

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Enjoy an Advent Calendar With Your Grandkids

It’s time to start thinking about making a special Advent calendar with our grandkids, along with other special ways to celebrate the season with them…

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Grandkids Love Forms!

Printed out forms make fun “play business” times for grandkids as well as a great way to add creative social studies projects for homeschooling programs.

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Arthritis Winter Tips for the Sandwich Generation

Brrr, it’s cold outside! Some tips for the Sandwich Generation & their aging parents to eat right & exercise even in the winter to help their arthritis!

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