Homemaker Barbi

Pool Times Make For Fun Times in the Summer Time for the Sandwich Generation

Fun times in the summer time for this Sandwich Generation family always include some kind of portable wading pool or inflatable pool in our back yard…

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Money Saver Restaurant Tips For Fun Times With Grandkids

This Grandma and her grandkids will be eating out a couple of times this summer, and thanks to a great money saver article from MSN, we’ll be saving money!

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SandwichINK loves Sandra Boynton and Personal Penguin on Blue Moo CD

Blue Moo CD Loved By Sandwich Generation Caregiver

Do you love Davy Jones of the Monkees, Sha Na Na, BB King, and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys? Do you have fun reading to your grandkids? Blue Moo is a great cd for you!

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4th of July Fun for Grandkids, Elderly, and You!

Fun 4th of July crafts and projects for grandparents and grandkids to make and share with elderly neighbors and relatives. Great for the homeschool curriculum!

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Fun Swimming Pool Toys for the Grandkids

My grandkids decided they wanted to try Paper Boats as swimming pool toys! “Hooray! Cheap Toys!” They worked great and we had a blast!

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Rainy Day + Chuck E. Cheese = Happy Grandkids & Grandparents!

Chuck E. Cheese is great rainy day (any day) fun for grandparents & grandkids. Be sure to go to their website to sign up for some great token and pizza deals.

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