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Multigenerational Joys As the Holidays Begin

Multigenerational joys including crafts with grandkids, sharing tasty new recipes with elderly parents, and words of encouragement for all generations.

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Healthy Eating Tips Dessert Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR

Healthy Living Tips for Seniors and Boomers

Healthy aging tips for seniors and boomers including healthy eating and aging tips, words of encouragement, and higher powered reading glasses.

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Kaye Swain multigenerational blogger Roseville Real Estate Agent shares healthy eating tips

Tips and Encouragement for Grandkids and Senior Parents

Encouragement and tips for multigenerational caregivers staying busy taking care of elderly parents while helping with your grandkids.

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Elderly eating healthy is a key priority to a fun holiday

Caregiving: Elderly Eating Healthy

Thanksgiving dinners were yummy, the leftovers were great, but now we’ve gone beyond the point of no return. Per Mayo Clinic, 3-4 days is the longest we should be eating leftovers. After that, they need to be trashed! And as caregivers for elderly parents and/or other elderly friends and relatives, it is important for us to […]

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