grandparents and their grandkids

Ordering Huggies for grandkids using my Amazon Prime Discount Membership with free shipping is one of my favorite creative and practical ways to save money

Sandwich Generation Savings Tips

As a Sandwich Generation Grandmother caring for elderly parents, Amazon Prime Discount Membership is one of my practical ways to save money

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Tips & tools for taking care of the elderly parents include the Med-E-Lert automatic pill dispenser

Help Elderly Parents Avoid Missed Medication And Doctor Appointments

Missed medication & appointments are a problem for many of the aging. The Sandwich Generation taking care of the elderly parents can help!

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Useful iPhone Apps For the Sandwich Generation Caregivers AND Grandparents

16 of my fun and most useful iPhone apps for the Sandwich Generation caregivers and grandparents, including CPR help and great games…

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Caring for elderly parents - heres a book on how to help them be a savvy senior citizen

Telephone Fraud Scam Targeting the Elderly

Caring for elderly parents and grandparents? Beware of this nasty scam targeting senior citizen grandparents!

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