grandparents and their grandchildren

My grandkids AND this Sandwich Generation granny nanny have been enjoying this book about Abraham Lincoln - in between wiggles and squirms

I Cannot Tell A Lie – This Sandwich Generation Grandparent Really Enjoys These Educational Books

Babysitting grandchildren and/or helping with homeschooling projects centered around the presidents or other famous people. A biography and a spare to share with you today.

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Happy Pink Saturday and St Patricks Day to the Sandwich Generation - cute country clipart

Pink and Green Fruit of the Spirit for The Sandwich Generation

Encouraging words from Ephesians 4 make an excellent “prescription” for the Sandwich Generation.

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My grandkids and I think Minecraft is definitely fun but some simple how to help is always great

Minecraft Fun – What Do You and Your Grandkids Think Of This Intriguing Activity Site?

Have your grandkids discovered the Minecraft game for the PC, not to mention the many Minecraft apps for the iPad iPhone or Android? Here’s some info to help us all.

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Words of encouragement for grandparents and grandchildren in AND out of the Sandwich Generation

Hearty Fruit of the Spirit for the Grandkids – And Us Too!

Enjoy a poster and a coloring page to share with our grandkids (and us) reminding us of 1 Corinthians 13 – love is patient and kind. Perfect for preparing for Valentine’s Day!

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Kaye Swain - SandwichINK - is a nominee in the Best Senior Living Awards 2013 b

Fruit of the Spirit – Sweet Blessings for the Sandwich Generation – Isaiah 26:3

Peace – highly valued, yet can be hard to find, especially for those of us in the Sandwich Generation. Words of encouragement for all of us multigenerational caregivers…

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Beverly's Got tons of cute pink things each Saturday to put a smile on the face of the Sandwich Generation dealing with the issues of caring for the elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren

Senior Homes Best Senior Living Awards Nominations 2013!

I’m so excited and blessed to announce that for the third year, SandwichINK has been nominated in the Best Senior Living Awards 2013…

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Food coloring add to my grandchildren fun

More Educational Fun With Grandkids and Great-Grandma and Mini-Eruptions

More educational fun with the grandkids making mini eruptions with baking soda and vinegar and straws. Even great grandma had fun watching!

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InsideEarth thank you to the National Snow and Ice Data Center and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory for this great image to share with our grandchildren

Having a Blast with the Grandkids!

Educational fun with the grandkids making volcanoes out of play-doh and empty pill bottles and eruptions with baking soda and vinegar.

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My grandchildren and I love both the Carcassonne board game and the iPhone app

Enjoy These Warm Ideas for the Grandkids AND Grandparents on Cold Winter Days

Too cold to play outside with the grandkids? How about a fun new board game – like the Carcassonne board game? My grandchildren and I love it!

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Cute Version of Carol of the Bells For Grandkids (and All of Us Young In Heart)

Adorable version of Carol of the Bells for grandkids, not to mention the rest of our Sandwich Generation family. Animals sing, kids laugh, many cry tears of joy!

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