WIth all our piano practicing grandchildren these encouraging Bible verses will be easy for them to understand

Encouraging Our Grandkids to PRACTICE Biblical Principles is One of the Ways of Leaving a Sweet Spiritual Legacy

Leaving a sweet spiritual legacy in the hearts of our grandkids can include encouraging them to PRACTICE spiritual principals.

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny had fun watching the grandkids put this together

The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and Grandkids Think Outside the Box for Autumn and Fall Sickday Fun

When the Sandwich Generation granny nanny is looking for sick day activities for kids, I’m glad to look “outside the box” and change projects as needed.

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Sick Day Sunday School Sing-a-long for Grandkids

My east coast grandkids are getting over a round of the flu coupled with colds so today was another non-church day for them. Their folks and I did the round robin with them. They went to early service while I babysat. Then it was my turn for late service – and a VERY good service it […]

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Flexibility Is Vital For The Sandwich Generation

Flexibility is a great thing to have. For the Sandwich Generation, it can be absolutely essential. When we are juggling the needs of more than one person, not to mention ourselves, schedules can and often do collide. Using resources with flexible options can ease those schedules and lower our blood pressure. In one week, a […]

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Give a Hand to Thanksgiving Fun With Grandchildren

Fun kids’ projects for celebrating Thanksgiving that also make great holiday arts and crafts ideas for senior citizens.

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Christmas singing gift cards from Amazon via Kaye Swain Roseville CA multigenerational caregiver REALTOR and blogger

Christmas Gift Ideas for Our Sandwich Generation Families

It may only be the beginning of Fall but autumn will be gone and Christmas here before you know it-especially if caregiving keeps you busy! Here are…

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Stumbling for Caregivers: Looking Professional on Too Little Sleep

Ways for Baby Boomer Generation caregivers (Sandwich Generation) to look their best even if they’ve been up all night with a sick grandkid or aging parent.

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Computers Need Caregiving Too

Caregivers have too little free time as it is, so practicing safe computing is vital.

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Travel Tips for Caregivers

Baby Boomer Generation caregivers have special needs when flying with aging parents and/or grandkids. Here’s some tips to help.

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Happy Autumn

Autumn is a fun time to share God’s love with our grandkids, whether part of a home schooling program or just having fun building memories.

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