Does the Holiday Season Lead to More Trips to ER for Seniors?

If you only see an aging relative once a year, it can be a shock to see how their health may have deteriorated considerably since the last visit. It’s vital…

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Words of Encouragement for All Generations

Words of encouragement that give Sandwich Generation senior home caregivers and grandparents wonderful peace of mind!

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Nursing Homes, Medicare Ratings, Pacifier Recall and More

Great resources for the Sandwich Generation including tips about dementia care, sensory integration disorder, a free month trial of Amazon Prime, and more!

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Sandwich Generation Moving and Reading

3 interesting blog carnivals with plenty of useful info for Sandwich Generation Senior Home Caregivers, members of the Baby Boomer Generation, and more!

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving for the Sandwich Generation

Teaching God’s love to our kids & grandkids richly blesses us making it the gift that keeps on giving – even into the Sandwich Generation and Senior years.

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Writing Fun For Grandkids

Story writing is great for our grandkids of all ages. Working on it with them gives us a fun memory together and a great project for homeschooling programs.

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Wal-mart Saves the Sandwich Generation Car Day!

Traveling with multi-generations can be fun, yet difficult, as you all deal with grandkids’ exuberance and great-grandpa’s slower pace. Wal-Mart to our rescue!

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Submission to God: Vital for the Sandwich Generation!

When an aging parent is placed in the Hospice program or has developed dementia, some things are unchangeable.
James 4:7 reminds us to submit it all to God.

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Elderly parents and caregivers at doctors office

Great Waiting Room Magazine for the Sandwich Generation

As senior home care givers and grandparents we stay plenty busy. I just discovered a new-to-me magazine that’s great for those of us in the Sandwich Generation.

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Quit Smoking Tips for the Sandwich Generation!

Here’re a couple of quit smoking tips for the Sandwich Generation combined with some great research information to help encourage your favorite seniors to quit!

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