Happy Father’s Day from SandwichINK!

Special, last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas, including a gift book of coupons for dad from SandwichINK. Another great idea is an Amazon gift card!

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Stress Balls – A New Tool for Caregivers!

During mom’s skin cancer treatments, the doctor gave her one of those cute little stress balls to hold. They really helped take her mind off the pain a bit…

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Fun Swimming Pool Toys for the Grandkids

My grandkids decided they wanted to try Paper Boats as swimming pool toys! “Hooray! Cheap Toys!” They worked great and we had a blast!

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Grand Summer Fun for Grandma and Grandkids!

School is finishing up and summer holidays are almost upon us! Have you thought of any special plans for you and your grandkids? This is the time to do so because the city park and recreation groups around the country are getting out their catalogs, churches are already starting to ask for helpers for Vacation […]

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Holiday Fun With Grandchildren: Valentine’s Day

Holidays are a great time to make some special memories with our grandchildren as we work on kids coloring pages, mazes, and fun holiday games together.

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