Song Memories For Grandkids – The Sequel, Part Deux

Bible Songs for Shower Fun with grandkids. Passing our spiritual heritage on to our grandkids as we enjoy times of clean hearts and clean bodies.

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Singing activities grandparents grandchildren

Song Memories for Grandkids – The Sequel

Music and Bible songs for grandparents and grandkids to enjoy. These are great for fun times, homeschooling programs, and plenty more.

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SandwichINK Twitter Link Round Up 1/9/09

Twitter resources for the Sandwich Generation senior home care giver and grandparent including dementia care, recipes, and recipe scams.

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Sandwich Generation is hard to work hard to maintain positive relationships

Tender Loving Caregiving For Your Marriage

Sitting in a restaurant today, working on my laptop, I overhead a couple bickering at the adjoining table. It was pretty obvious they were both in bad moods and spent the whole 30 minutes they were there snapping at each other. She was trying to talk him into something he didn’t like. She started out […]

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new years eve fun activities grandchildren grandparents

New Year’s Eve Activities for Grandchildren and Grandparents

Fun Ideas for New Years Eve activities grandchildren grandparents. My grandkids and I love to do crafts, play games, work on puzzles and more…

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CarMax Can Save Time, Money, and Stress!

It’s nice when the Sandwich Generation can find ways to save money and time by using Carmax to buy your used cars.

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Grandparents: Twitter Links 12/13/08

Twitter links for Sandwich Generation multigenerational caregivers and grandparents

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Fun Christmas Activities With Grandchildren

Fun riddles, crossword puzzles, word searches, mazes and more make great ways to spend time with grandkids – close by and long distance

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Grandparents: Kids’ Sites and Safety Tips

Lydia wrote in to share an interesting looking kids’ site. KidzClix is a subscription-based educational kids’ site with new options monthly. It’s one I’m not familiar with, so I will follow my normal procedure of researching it well, then taking it for a test drive for the free “issue” they offer. After that, I will […]

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Grandparents: Fun and Educational Website

Fun computer activities for grandparents and grandchildren near and far can be found at Mrs. Alphabet’s. Great fun when babysitting grandchildren!

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