Have fun with Ping-Pong games kids grandparents enjoy together fb

Ping-Pong Games Kids And Grandparents Can Enjoy Together

My grandkids and I have a lot of fun a variety of ball games. Check out our latest of ping-pong games kids and grandparents can enjoy

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Winter Weather News for the Sandwich Generation

Time for us Sandwich Generation senior home care givers & grandparents to give some thought to the upcoming winter weather needs for aging parents & grandkids.

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Grandparents: Ants CAN be Fun!

Grandparents, what do you do when your three active little grandsons of varying ages and  skill sets come to visit? Why, you grab Ants in the Pants, of course! As you can see from the picture, you start with a big pair of plastic pants and a whole bunch of little plastic “ants” that you […]

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