Favorite Things Saturday

Ladybugs are great for boomers and seniors gardening projects - and cute for the grandchildren

Fun and Favorite News for Boomers and Seniors on This Pink Saturday at the Ultimate Blog Party

Good news for the Sandwich Generation – A Pink Ultimate Blog Party 2011 with some favorite things! A fun way of caring for the caregiver.

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My senior mom loves using garden wagons for her gardening projects - easier than wheelbarrows for her

Fun Yet Practical Hand Crank Radio for Sandwich Generation Safety Issues

My senior mom loves her Grundig FR200 hand crank wind up flashlight radio for its reception. I love it for its safety features. And if we replace it – pink will…

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A pink emergency radio for the Sandwich Generation dealing with the issues of caring for the elderly parents and babysitting the grandchildren

Safety Preparedness For the Sandwich Generation Issues

News for all, including boomers & seniors in the Sandwich Generation, are scary! Time to check our supplies from a hand crank wind up flashlight radio to…

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