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Grandma, Grandsons, and Three Winning Books

Babysitting grandsons recently, we had plenty of opportunities to “test drive” some new books. Here are three good ones for your homeschooling programs.

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Ways to Save Money While Teaching Grandkids

Ways to Save Money While Teaching Grandkids has tips for finding used educational books, toys & games for grandkids which is a terrific educational investment!

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This Grandma Loves to Laugh, Even at Herself

I am grateful for phones & email that make our long distance family seem closer as well as great songs we can sing together. Makes our life more joy-filled!

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Pickleball kit for boomers and seniors to enjoy in Roseville CA via Kaye Swain blogger real estate agent

Pickleball for Caregiver Stress

Pickleball looks like a great way for Sandwich Generation caregivers and grandparents to have fun, exercise, and burn off some caregiver stress.

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Cool Grandkid Craft Magazine

For Family Friday, SandwichINK reviews a great kid’s craft magazine for grandkids and grandparents to have a lot of fun with! It’s a definite winner!

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Warning! Beware of Phone Rage

For those of us providing dementia care and senior home care to aging parents dealing with irritability, it’s good to discuss phone rage and work to prevent it.

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Wrestling Alligators Is Not For Sissies!

Ever work on a project that was like wrestling alligators? Caregiving does that some days. Today it was writing for eHow and figuring out Facebook.

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