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Have fun with Ping-Pong games kids grandparents enjoy together fb

Ping-Pong Games Kids And Grandparents Can Enjoy Together

My grandkids and I have a lot of fun a variety of ball games. Check out our latest of ping-pong games kids and grandparents can enjoy

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Scripture Coloring pages for kids adults

Sweet Summer Smiles for the Sandwich Generation

Summer crazy busy for you too? Time to slow down and, as Jonny Diaz sings it, Breath. Here are some fun ways to remember that and put it into practice.

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Bible creation story kids

New Year’s Eve Plans With The Grandchildren

New Year’s Eve is coming up! What’s a grandparent to do? Join us at SandwichINK for fun grandkid party ideas & resources like making their own party hats.

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Car Game Family Fun With Grandma

My grandkids and I had a great time talking. Then the wiggly-gigglies set in. “Time for a Grandma game,” I thought. Animal Alphabet! We had a blast playing…

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