Tips Caring Elderly Parents include podiatrist instead of pedicure

Simple Tips For the Sandwich Generation Caring For Elderly Parents

Tips for caring for elderly parents while dealing with easy clothes for the elderly, toenail clipping, and staying encouraged while helping the grandkids in our Sandwich Generation families

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I enjoyed Mr Pig and my senior mom loved the tomato basil soup from Mimis Cafe in Roseville CA via multigenerational caregiver sm

A Spoonful of Tomato Basil Soup Makes the Doctor Appointment More Fun

Caregiving for our elderly parents usually includes plenty of doctor appointments. Here’s how I strive to make those a bit nicer and more interesting.

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Twitter Tuesday: Caregiving Resources for the Sandwich Generation

Sandwich Generation resources via Twitter: dementia care tips, senior home care information, grandparent fun, & an adorable video of caregiving – to a penguin

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Headlines of Encouragement For the Sandwich Generation

Oh me, oh my. Reading the news headlines just isn’t any fun right now! North Korea Warns Intercepting ‘Satellite’ Will Prompt Counterstrike; Israeli Major-General [states]: Iran past ‘nuclear threshold’…using nuclear talks to buy time for bomb; World Bank offers dire forecast for world economy…; Recession on track to be longest in postwar period… Gas prices […]

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God is a Faithful God

Our God is a faithful God! We know that from His Word. We know that from our answered prayers. We can also discover it from our spiritual diaries, if we keep them. I keep my main one in shorthand, which I learned over 30 years ago. There’s just one problem. I can write it fine, […]

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Could You Use Some Strength & Encouragement?

Driving to church this morning, extremely tired from senior home care as well as moving all week and running ten minutes late, I was really tempted to skip it. It would have been so much easier to just head for the old house to pick up more items while listening to a sermon on my […]

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SandwichINK Twitter Links 1/20/09 – Part 1

I’ve got some excellent links for you that first appeared on my Twitter page. In fact, there are so many, I’m going to do half today and half tomorrow. Don’t forget, if you want them hot off the press, come join the conversation at http://twitter.com/SandwichINK .  Without further adieu… Encouragement – Jesus said…Be sure of […]

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SandwichINK Links to End the Year

SandwichINK Last Updated 2017  Grandparents, it’s good to be reminded of the importance of our heritage that we are passing on to our grandchildren!  The Most High God…how mighty His Wonders. His Kingdom is an eternal Kingdom.His dominion endures from generation to generation. Feel like a nap? Here’s the perfect article for you. A new […]

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Encouragement For a Caregiver

Point of Grace has a wonderful Christmas album, Winter Wonderland , which I love. It’s been a busy week, so it has stayed in my car’s cd player as I shuttled grandkids back and forth, mom back and forth, and me back and forth everywhere. When I wasn’t listening to the grandkids’ nativity DVD, I […]

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I Know Who Holds The Future

As I write this, CNN, Fox News, Drudge Report and other news sites are reporting that Wall Street is doing awful, more banks are expected to fail, and the economy worldwide is in a world of hurt! Dealing with senior citizens who often live off investments means that all this can impact us in a […]

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