Caregivers Can Give Thanks in All Circumstances

Aging parents, grandkids, and even caregivers have major concerns. How comforting to know that, because Jesus has overcome the world, He is truly in control.

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Caregivers: Don’t Let Strange Websites Mess Up Your eLife

Today is Current Events Thursday for the Sandwich Generation and I am writing about a lesser known, not stupendously huge, but somewhat irritating event that is currently happening, maybe even in your very own email box! Twice in the last month I have received very nice invitations from people who “added you as a friend […]

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Email Caregiving Appointments Via Texting

Caregivers can save time and be more efficient by texting their own email. Texting is not only easier then entering it directly into the cell phone calendar, but you have a copy of it in the send file on your cell phone and your home email as well. Great idea for caregivers of aging parents and grandkids!

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Real Help for Elderly Parents’ Real Estate Issues

Working closely with our elderly parents can lead to our being involved in helping them with real estate transactions.

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SandwichINK Twitter Links: 2/17/09

I was quite encouraged by what the Mature Markets Experts had to say about 50 year old women. They believe they are “more experienced, wealthier, and more spiritually centered.” Overall, I definitely agree with the first and third point. I don’t think you can be quite so definite about the wealthier. For many in the […]

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Caregivers: Carol Marak

I’m very pleased to introduce my first guest blogger for SandwichINK. Carol Marak: A recent study by the Pew Internet American Life Project shows that 22% of Americans 65 and older used the Internet in 2004. The number increased again in 2006 to 34%. Seniors are researching topics like health or medical information – 66%; […]

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Elderly eating healthy is a key priority to a fun holiday

Caregiving: Elderly Eating Healthy

Thanksgiving dinners were yummy, the leftovers were great, but now we’ve gone beyond the point of no return. Per Mayo Clinic, 3-4 days is the longest we should be eating leftovers. After that, they need to be trashed! And as caregivers for elderly parents and/or other elderly friends and relatives, it is important for us to […]

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World Vision book to share the need to help others via Kaye Swain Christian blogger and Roseville CA REALTOR

Blog Action Day – Poverty – The Sequel

Blog Action Day really made an impact yesterday in the blogging world. 12,706 sites participated with an estimated audience of about 13,412,152!  I thought you might be interested in reading some of the other blog postings on this subject. No, I’m not going to print all 12,706 entries, just a handful that seemed appropriate to […]

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Four Lists for Elderly Relatives

Elderly relatives often get their dates, contact information, medical insurance numbers, and other important bits of information mixed up. A simple way to help them is to take all that information and type it up in your computer. You will have it saved for an easy reference for you and a fast reprint for them […]

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Sheets – Read All About Them

Amazon. In case you haven’t guessed, it’s one of my favorite places to purchase books. The prices are great I almost always get books for 30% or more off the normal price.The service is excellent. I’ve only seen them make two mistakes in all the years I’ve bought from them. And I buy a lot […]

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