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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny is a geeky grandma who has been helping family members with their tech needs for decades - from senior parents to cute young grandkids

Curious How Easy It Is To Set Up Those Medical Alert Systems for the Elderly That Are Such Great Resources for the Sandwich Generation?

Thinking of getting your elderly senior parent one of those Philips LIfeline medical alert devices with the auto fall alert but wondering about set up?…

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A Boomer and A Senior Consider Whether Senior Medical Alert Systems with Pendants For Elderly Parents Safety are Great Resources for the Sandwich Generation

My elderly senior mom just got a Philips Lifeline medical alert system with a pendant & a button & the auto alert safety feature for falls!

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Frugal and Fashionable Safety Wear for the Elderly

Walking is excellent exercise for our elderly parents. If they are in reasonably good health, they can enjoy the fresh air and exercise whenever they want. When you can keep them company that’s great. Even when you can’t, it can still be a pleasure for them. However, occasionally an older person can become disoriented, turned […]

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